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Board Committees

Lance Y. Gokongwei Director Member        
Jericho P. Go Director, President and CEO Member        
Kerwin Max S. Tan

Director and Treasurer

Member Member Member Member  
Artemio V. Panganiban Independent Director   Chairman Member Member Member
Wilfredo A. Paras Independent Director   Member Member Chairman Member
Cesar Luis F. Bate Independent Director   Member Chairman Member Chairman

Note: Committee members approved during the Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors of RL Commercial REIT, Inc. held on May 12, 2023.


Board Risk Oversight Committee

Board Risk Oversight Committee

The Board Risk Oversight Committee oversees the establishment of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework that will effectively identify, monitor, assess and manage key business risks. The risk management framework shall guide the Board in identifying units/business lines and enterprise-level risk exposures, as well as the effectiveness of risk management strategies. The Committee shall be responsible for defining the Company’s level of risk tolerance and providing oversight over its risk management policies and procedures to anticipate, minimize, control or manage risks or possible threats to its operational and financial viability.

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Charter

The Audit Committee provides oversight over the Company’s financial reporting, Internal Control System, Internal and External Audit processes, and monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Committee shall ensure that systems and processes are put in place to provide assurance in areas including reporting, monitoring compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies, efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, and proper safeguarding and use of the Corporation’s resources and assets.

Corporate Governance Committee

Corporate Governance Committee Charter

The Corporate Governance Committee oversees the development and implementation of Corporate Governance principles and policies. The Corporate Governance Committee shall recommend a formal framework on the nomination, remuneration and evaluation of the performance of the Directors and key Management Officers to ensure that this framework is consistent with the Corporation’s culture, strategies and the business environment.

Related Party Transaction Committee

Related Party Transaction Committee Charter

The Related Party Transaction (RPT) Committee ensures that there is a group-wide policy and system governing Material Related Party Transactions (MRPTs), particularly those that breach the materiality threshold. The policy shall include the appropriate review and approval of MRPTs, which guarantee fairness and transparency of the transactions.